• For those who missed my "Millennium mass" Missa Praesentis Dialectica. Linked below, you find a film with the entire concert. Also watch interesting pre-talks with bishop Susanne Rappman, vicar Ingvild [...]


    4 soloists (s,a,t,b,) mixed choir, trumpet, string orchestra

  • Missa Praesentis Dialectica was finally premiered, after 22 years of waiting. In the Uppsala Dome. This 50 minute mass contains several prophane poems as a relief to the liturgical [...]

  • Finally! World premiere of MYTOMANIA is set to Sunday 8/10! Tickets available now to  Kerstin Perski´s and my opera in two acts. Only eight performances. By tickets here Commissioned [...]


    opera in two acts

  • Spår vägar  - vokalsymfoni i en betänklig tid (Paths traces - vocal symphony in precarious times) Choir, orchestra, organ and video art. Commissioned by Gothenburg symphony orchestra. First performance Gothenburg concert [...]


    choir, orchestra, organ and video art

  • Nora chamber music festival's commissioned work. Premiere Nora Church June 2018. Katarina Andreasson violin, Olga Dovbush-Lubotsky cello, youth orchestra conducted by the composer. Arkivlänk: https://www.norakammarmusikfestival.nu/paula-af-malmborg-ward-2018


    double concerto for violin, cello and orchestra

  • "Marea", spanish for "tide" was my inspiration for this 23 min. piece, commissioned by Swedish Radio. This is  - beside all gigs, playing and singing together - Karin Klingenstierna´s and my [...]


    big band, chamber ensemble and singer

  • April 9th Tungol night was successfully premiered with Alto Anna Larsson, maestro Nagano and beautiful Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. Mmm. See link (in Swedish). Autumn 2012, I was asked by [...]


    suite for alto and orchestra

  • An exciting commission which is now completed and premiered. First performance February 1st 2014 in S:t Jacob´s Church, Stockholm. The Stockholm diocese song association (Stockholms stifts kyrkosångförbund) is the [...]


    children´s choir, youth choir, adult choir and 10 instruments

  • GSO Puls´production "Come in!" was awarded at the YEAH festival in Osnabrück September 14:) Thank you wonderful GSO for the dedicated work you all put into this huge project! [...]



  • "To shiver..." (lyrics by poet Bob Hansson) is a commission for Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra including choir, for the the orchestra´s 100 years celebration. First performance with HSO, cond. Andrew [...]


    mixed choir and symphony orchestra

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