An exciting commission which is now completed and premiered. First performance February 1st 2014 in S:t Jacob´s Church, Stockholm. The Stockholm diocese song association (Stockholms stifts kyrkosångförbund) is the commissioner, and the lyrics is written by young people in Stockholm, involved in the church work in one way or another. Sonny Jansson (conductor) and Kristina Ljunggren (Acting Dean and Acting Pastor in Storkyrkan, Stockholm autumn 2012) were my main artistic partners in this project. The piece is composed for children´s choir, youth choir, adult choir and 10 instruments: flute, cornet, bassoon, organ, percussion and string quintet. September 6, 2014 a big Church Music Convent took take place i Uppsala, and ”The Project” had it´s 2nd performance in Missionskyrkan September 6th 14.00. Thank you all wonderful musicians, young and older choir members, soloists, AUDIENCE and conductor Sonny Jansson.

Listen to different parts:


children´s choir, youth choir, adult choir and 10 instruments

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