• PÅLLANS LÅTAR - TILL SLUT, FRÅN BÖRJAN          TACK TILL Mina medmusikanter för osannolikt roliga studiodagar trots sprängfyllt schema samt alla roliga och galna arr-idéer på plats [...]


    Jazz-pop bossa-salsa-ensemble, vocals

  • Opera in two acts. Commissioned by Gothenburg Opera. PREMIERE POSTPONED to September 2023. Nelly (soprano): Kerstin Avemo Francis (tenor): Joakim Bäckström Harald (barytone): Åke Zetterström Rita (mezzo): Ann-Kristin Jones [...]


    opera in two acts

  • More old songs to be recorded on Imogena Records. Looking forward to the second studio session with my amazing musical friends. More info to come. Photo from a nice review...hope [...]

  • 1/6 19.00 Backens church, Umeå Anders Paulsson


  • Wonderful Miller-Porfiris Duo´s got the groove! They premiered my commission for The Hartt School´s 100th anniversary


    Violin and Viola

  • Spår vägar  - vokalsymfoni i en betänklig tid (Paths traces - vocal symphony in precarious times) Choir, orchestra, organ and video art. Commissioned by Gothenburg symphony orchestra. First performance Gothenburg concert [...]


    choir, orchestra, organ and video art

  • SOLSPEL - 55 bars before dusk (Sunplay - 55 bars before dusk) choir a cappella. Commissioned by Erik Westberg vocal ensemble. First performance Piteå fall 2021. Will be recorded [...]


    choir a cappella

  • A transcripion for organ, from the trumpet solo in Missa Praesentis Dialectica. First performance by Hans Davidsson, as a part of the Quarantinec oncert March 21 2021 in Älsvborg [...]


    organ solo

  • 2nd movement from the Porter suite, commissioned by Frontside Gothenburg International Chamber Music Festival. For 14 porter bottles and out-of-tune-piano. First perf. 16 January 2021 Palle Dahlstedt, porter bottles [...]


    14 porter bottles and out-of-tune-piano

  • A commission for The Hartt School´s 100th anniversary. Program note First: I am honored and happy to be a part of The uncertainty of fate project. Broken bleak roe [...]



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