• MERA Pållans låtar had it's release concert in Utopia Jazz, Gothenburg 23/2. A wonderful night. Crowded with a listening audience and a band from heaven. Thank you ALL INVOLVED! Special [...]

  • THANK YOU ALL who made Missa Praesentis Dialectica, composed to the turn of the millennium come alive after 22 years. In this mass I put several profane poems from the 20´th [...]


    4 soloists (s,a,t,b,) mixed choir, trumpet, string orchestra

  • Thank you all who joined me in Stockholm in our in advance - release concert just a week before Christmas. I was happy to meet up with Sören Svedestig sx [...]


    Vocals, saxes, guit, piano, synth, bass, drums

  • THANK YOU AUDIENCES in Göteborg and Borås! PAO Trio had a wonderful time together with you. The three of us already miss you. A lot of fun, a lot of [...]

  • Missa Praesentis Dialectica was finally premiered, after 22 years of waiting. In the Uppsala Dome. This 50 minute mass contains several prophane poems as a relief to the liturgical [...]

  • A vocal symphony in precarious times. Choir, orchestra, organ and video art. Commissioned by Gothenburg symphony orchestra. First performance postponed to November 2023, Gothenburg concert hall Idea, libretto and [...]


  • World premiere of MYTOMANIA - opera in two acts by Paula af Malmborg Ward and Kerstin Perski Commissioned by Gothenburg Opera. Nelly (soprano): Kerstin Avemo Francis (tenor): Joakim Bäckström [...]


    opera in two acts

  • A musical show based on the songs from my two double albums 2022. "Pållans låtar - till slut, från början" and "MERA Pållans låtar". I am happy to perform with [...]

  • Happy to be playing, singing and celebrating 2023 with our wonderful Gothenburg band STELLA XL at Nefertiti Jazz. Reliable groove, good temper, warm feeling, sparkling guests...looking forward to another great [...]

  • Lyrics: Tomas Tidholm. Commission from Chalmus Music week. First performance (hopefully) Uddevalla church July 31 2021. Thomas Tidholm, recitation Choir from Chalmus Music week Erik Risberg, piano Conductor: Erik [...]


    mixed choir, recitation and piano

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