THANK YOU ALL for a magnificent concert! Mattias Wager, Anne Pajunen, Andres Åstrand, Helene Stureborg, Stockholm cathedral chamber choir – so happy to have all you musical, creative stars around me:) The concert included the world premiere of my (no longer latest) choir piece Den äng som höljts at Svensk Musikvår festival, (read about all concerts in the link! Amazing festival!!) in this concert presenting my music side by side with dear colleague Agneta Sköld who gave us the beautiful, well-sounding Maria suite, with great S:t Jacobs chamber choir led by Gary Graden.
Choir, organ, percussion, impro, a little Shakespeare performance…a true blend of styles that came together, formed a memorable moment under the ceiling of magnificent Stockholm Cathedral (Storkyrkan).



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Choir, organ, percussion, solo voice and piano

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