Finally, it happened! Kerstin Perski´s and my Mytomania became reality! Thank you all wonderful people involved: Soloists Kerstin Avemo, Joachim Bäckström, Åke Zetterström, Anki Jones, Matilda Paulsson. Gothenburg opera´s outstanding choir and orchestra. Stage musicians Anna Svensdotter, Kerstin Andersson, Gunnar Vallin, Viveca Rydén Mårtensson, Michael Sikich, Michael Andersson. Conductor Andreas Hanson, choir masters Martin Nagashima Toft and Bernard Greter. Repetiteur Karin Holm. Director Clara Svärd, stage and costume designer Maria Feinsilber, light designer Anna Wemmert. The fantastic behind the-stage-people…and all of you at the Gothenburg Opera who made our piece come through. Special thanks to Stephen Langridge for commissioning the piece several years ago.
Pictures from the world premiere.

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5 soloists, orchestra, choir, stage ensembles

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