MYTOMANIA – opera in two acts commissioned by Gothenburg Opera.

Premiere postponed from February 2021 to fall 2023.

Nelly (soprano): Kerstin Avemo
Francis (tenor): Joakim Bäckström
Harald (barytone): Åke Zetterström
Rita (mezzo): Ann-Kristin Jones
The mother (mezzo): Ingrid Tobiasson

Gothenburg Opera choir and orchestra

Music: Paula af Malmborg Ward
Libretto: Kerstin Perski
Director: Clara Svärd
Stage design/costume: Marika Feinsilber
Light design: Anna Wemmert
Conductor :Andreas Hanson

10 oktober, 2018|

My dear mother Gunilla

My dear mother Gunilla sings in eternity and will not stop to inspire me in my life and in my work.
My 2nd saxophone quartet Desire encapsulated, dedicated to her and dad, was performed beautifully by Stockholm Saxophone Quartet in Reykjavik 2/2. Unfortunately, time ran out and she never heard it.
Gunilla was a great person in humanity, wisdom and pride and a true artist in heart and soul. I learned so much from her, and she didn´t hesitate to be critical if she discovered that I maybe chose the broad path now and then…but always comforting, relying on your gifts and with […]

30 maj, 2014|

Tungol night

April 9th Tungol night was successfully premiered with Alto Anna Larsson, maestro Nagano and beautiful Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. Mmm. See link (in Swedish).

Autumn 2012, I was asked by GSO direction and first guest conductor Kent Nagano if I would like to make an orchestral suite from three songs by Wilhelm Stenhammar. YES! I yelled. This has been a truly wonderful composing period of time, since I chose the songs, with ”Nattyxne” as the central song (words by E.A. Karlfeldt). The other songs presented are ”Vandraren” (Wilhelm Ekelund) and ”Månsken” (Bo Bergman). The suite has a duration of […]

20 april, 2013|

CD with Peter Mattei

CD with world baritone Peter Mattei released! I made 3 orchestral arrangements (Stardust, What kind of fool am I, I´ve gotta be me), side by side with arranger/conductor Anders Berglund and arranger Dan Evmark. Peter is a wonderful singer that made my little cottage burst of musical pleasure, while rehearsing with audio files in August 2013.  Norrköping Symphony Orchestra with jazz trio, the production firmly held together by fabulous producer Lars Nilsson at Nilento Studios.

20 april, 2013|
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