Finally, it happened! Kerstin Perski´s and my Mytomania became reality! Thank you all wonderful people involved: Soloists Kerstin Avemo, Joachim Bäckström, Åke Zetterström, Anki Jones, Matilda Paulsson. Gothenburg opera´s outstanding choir and orchestra. Stage musicians Anna Svensdotter, Kerstin Andersson, Gunnar Vallin, Viveca Rydén Mårtensson, Michael Sikich, Michael Andersson. Conductor Andreas Hanson, choir masters Martin Nagashima Toft and Bernard Greter. Repetiteur Karin Holm. Director Clara Svärd, stage and costume designer Maria Feinsilber, light designer Anna Wemmert. The fantastic behind the-stage-people…and all of you at the Gothenburg Opera who made our piece come through. Special thanks to Stephen Langridge for commissioning the […]

18 oktober, 2023|

In time, world premiere at festival OrganSpace in Stockholm

The festival OrganSpace is over. Thank you dear organists Hanne Kuhlmann (DK) and Sarah Kim (FRA) who performed In time for the first time – beautifully! It was a pleasure meeting you, and I look forward to make new sounds together soon!
In time was commissioned by Swedish Radio P2 for OrganSpace, the international venue collecting organists from all over the world for some days in the world’s most beautiful capitol – Stockholm.
My organ mentor Ligita Sneibe stood by me in the creation of the piece, for which I am very grateful.
Swedish Radio P2 will broadcast the concerts; TBA



24 september, 2023|

Tranströmer song book on Gothenburg International Book Fair!

New Edition Suecia release: A magnificent songbook with poems set to music by the poet, Nobel laureate, musician, human Tomas Tranströmer. As one of 28 Swedish composers, I am honored to contribute to this beautiful edition.
The editor and project leader Ann-Christin Biel has the right to be proud!

We will show up on Bokmässan, Gothenburg International Book fair 28/9 – 1/10. See you there!

Order here



9 maj, 2023|

Film and panel talks on Missa Praesentis Dialectica

For those who missed my ”Millennium mass” Missa Praesentis Dialectica.
Linked below, you find a film with the entire concert.
Also watch interesting pre-talks with bishop Susanne Rappman, vicar Ingvild Fallegård, concert master Amus Kerstin Andersson, tenor Carl Unander-Scharin, conductor Stefan Parkman, project leader Marit Torkelson and myself, lead by organist and facilitator Hans Davidsson.

THANK YOU ALL who made Missa Praesentis Dialectica, composed to the turn of the millennium come alive after 22 years.
In this mass I put several profane poems from the 20´th century together with the liturgical parts. It became a dialectical, operatic mass, in which I wanted to put […]

8 maj, 2023|
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