Jubilee fanfare for Gothenburg!

First performance of the official Jubilee fanfare for the city of Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary. Jerker Johansson and I are honored and happy about this commission, which we create together as a relay composition; Inclusion is a value word of value, both in our and in Gothenburg´s policy.

Live stream June 4, 15-17 here!

The fanfare will be performed c:a 16.18

2 juni, 2021|

Wind music day

An inspiring day focused on wind instruments.

Wind instrument have a great significance in musical life, from various amateur groups to big bands and orchestras. In this talk show hosted by Karin Klingenstierna, I will give some examples of important ”wind instrument features” in my production.

Streaming link here – my appearance at 31.40. Enjoy!

10 maj, 2021|
Till toppen