Wind music day

An inspiring day focused on wind instruments.

Wind instrument have a great significance in musical life, from various amateur groups to big bands and orchestras. In this talk show hosted by Karin Klingenstierna, I will give some examples of important ”wind instrument features” in my production.

Streaming link here – my appearance at 31.40. Enjoy!

10 maj, 2021|

MYTOMANIA – opera in two acts commissioned by Gothenburg Opera.

Premiere postponed from February 2021 to fall 2023.

Nelly (soprano): Kerstin Avemo
Francis (tenor): Joakim Bäckström
Harald (barytone): Åke Zetterström
Rita (mezzo): Ann-Kristin Jones
The mother (mezzo): Ingrid Tobiasson

Gothenburg Opera choir and orchestra

Music: Paula af Malmborg Ward
Libretto: Kerstin Perski
Director: Clara Svärd
Stage design/costume: Marika Feinsilber
Light design: Anna Wemmert
Conductor :Andreas Hanson

10 oktober, 2018|
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