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THANK YOU Västerås 27/3 . PAO trio had a lovely time, giving two performances with the most wonderful audiences, in Teaterbistron.
We already met the audiences in Kil, Göteborg, Borås and Kalv and now Västerås – so who is next?
Book us! There will be a lot of fun, a lot of seriousness. Like life. The show is a result of my aim to document a bunch of old songs, beside the two albums ”Pållans låtar – till slut, från början” (released March) and ”Mera Pållans låtar” (release December). I formed a piano trio with Arvid Jullander (cb), Ossian Ward (dr) and […]

12 april, 2024|

Thank you Svensk Musikvår and Stockholm Cathedral parish

THANK YOU ALL for a magnificent concert! Mattias Wager, Anne Pajunen, Andres Åstrand, Helene Stureborg, Stockholm cathedral chamber choir – so happy to have all you musical, creative stars around me:) The concert included the world premiere of my (no longer latest) choir piece Den äng som höljts at Svensk Musikvår festival, (read about all concerts in the link! Amazing festival!!) in this concert presenting my music side by side with dear colleague Agneta Sköld who gave us the beautiful, well-sounding Maria suite, with great S:t Jacobs chamber choir led by Gary Graden.
Choir, organ, percussion, impro, a little Shakespeare […]

20 mars, 2024|

Spår vägar world premiere

THANK YOU all who brought my credo Spår vägar to reality!
Lene Juhl, Ingar Bergby, Katie Harrison Thomas, Samuel Eriksson, Gothenburg symphony vocal ensemble, Gothenburg orchestra, co-lyricist (prologue translation to Dari) Ahad Sadeghi, Gothenburg symphony orchestra.

A musical celebration of Gothenburg 400 years, side by side with dear colleague Klas Torstensson.
World premiere of Spår vägar.
A vocal symphony in precarious times for
vocal ensemble, orchestra, organ and video art.
Commissioned by Gothenburg symphony orchestra.
First performances December 14 and 15 2023, Gothenburg concert hall

Idea, libretto and music: Paula af Malmborg Ward
Video design: Lene Juhl
Gothenburg symphony vocal ensemble
Gothenburg symphony orchestra
Organ: Samuel Eriksson
Choir […]

11 januari, 2024|
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