• 1/6 19.00 Backens church, Umeå Anders Paulsson


  • Wonderful Miller-Porfiris Duo´s got the groove! They premiered my commission for The Hartt School´s 100th anniversary


    Violin and Viola

  • SOLSPEL - 55 bars before dusk (Sunplay - 55 bars before dusk) choir a cappella. Commissioned by Erik Westberg vocal ensemble. First performance Piteå fall 2021. Will be recorded [...]


    choir a cappella

  • A transcripion for organ, from the trumpet solo in Missa Praesentis Dialectica. First performance by Hans Davidsson, as a part of the Quarantinec oncert March 21 2021 in Älsvborg [...]


    organ solo

  • A commission for The Hartt School´s 100th anniversary. Program note First: I am honored and happy to be a part of The uncertainty of fate project. Broken bleak roe [...]



  • For chamber ensemble, relay composition with members of FST (Society of Swedish Composers) First performance Stockholm Concert Hall December 1, 2020 Chamber ensemble conducted by Christian Karlsen Link to [...]


    flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, viola, viloncello

  • Lyrics Lina Ekdahl from an idea by Annica Carlsson-Bergdahl. Premiere Åbergs plåt, Tidaholm February 2019, tour in Skaraborg region spring 2019. The piece was composed during my residency in [...]


    male amateur choir, professional male song group, trumpet, cello, accordion

  • Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra´s commission for Trio Poseidon First perf. April 2018, Stenhammarsalen, Gothenburg Concert hall. Sara Trobäck violin, Claes Gunnarsson cello, Per-Anders Lundberg piano Program note I meet up [...]


    piano trio

  • Två psalmer (Two hymns) Skönheten lyrics: Dag Lindberg Högt lyfts bägaren i ljuset  lyrics: Bertil Murray Sthlm diocese's Church Singing Association's commissioned work Premiere Oscar Church, Stockholm 4 February 2017 [...]


    two hymns

  • Commissioned by Phoenix Concerts first perf. NYC/White Plains December 2017 Gilda Lyons soprano Mila Henry, piano


    soprano och piano

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