• Release concert on the beautiful Tranströmer song book. Tomas Tranströmer's widow Monica Tranströmer will be interviewed by Martin Hellström, professor of literary studies and rector at Mälardalen University. Martin also [...]

  • Violin Duo MIOLINA - Mioi Takeda & Lynn Bechtold will perform Broken bleak roe and choppy chanterelles in Seattle April 16. So happy that Miolina approached me! The piece, originally [...]


    Violin duo

  • Always alert Miolina duo does it again! A duo festival is coming up in NYC this week. Wonderful Violin Duo Miolina will once again perform Broken bleak roe and choppy [...]

  • Humble and happy to announce that my second saxophone quartet Desire encapsulated will be performed by Slovenian saxophone quartet 4saxess, within the festival Svensk Musikvår. The piece from 2013 is [...]


    Saxophone quartet

  • First performance of COOPERANDUM for excellent Ume Duo - Karolina Öman cello, Erika Öman percussion. Grünewaldsalen, Konserthuset, Stockholm 22 March 12.15, within the festival Svensk Musikvår. Artistic director Jörgen Pettersson. [...]


    voice, cello, percussion

  • Welcome to listen to my music once more during the Svensk Musikvår festival . The saxophone quartet of splendid Arméns musikkår (the Army band) will perform my forts sax quartet [...]

  • The Met museum, N.Y.C opens the door for violin Duo MIOLINA - Mioi Takeda & Lynn Bechtold who will again perform Broken bleak roe and choppy chanterelles! Friday 22/3 and [...]

  • A musical show based on the songs from my two double albums 2022. "Pållans låtar - till slut, från början" and "MERA Pållans låtar". I am happy to perform with [...]

  • My piano trio causeries was commissioned and premiered 2018 by wonderful Trio Poseidon. Sara Trobäck, vln Claes Gunnarsson, vlc Per Lundberg, pi http://www.trioposeidon.com/s_start.html Looking forward to hear them perform it again [...]

  • FINALLY! Frontside Gothenburg international chamber music festival proudly presents the entire Porter suite. A three-movement musical happening including audience, electronics, out-of-tune piano, vocals, porter bottles... Commissioned by Frontside Gothenburg [...]


    14 porter bottles, out-of-tune-piano, vocals, audience with various sticks, electronics, accordeon

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