Coming Up
  • 25/05/2021

    An inspiring day focused on wind instruments. Wind instrument have a great significance in musical life, from various amateur groups to big bands and orchestras. [...]

  • 04/06/2021

    First performance of the official Jubilee fanfare for the city of Gothenburg's 400th anniversary. Jerker Johansson and I are honored and happy about this commission, [...]

  • 31/07/2021

    Uddevalla kyrka. A special, "taylor-made" commission for wonderful Chalmus music week in Ljungskile. Mixed choir, recitation, piano and ping pong balls. Base on a prosa [...]

  • 01/03/2022

    A vocal symphony in times of diffusion. Choir, orchestra, organ and video art. First perfomance March 2022 Gothenburg concert hall Commissioned by Gothenburg symphony [...]