Orchestral works

  • Spår vägar– Paths traces – vocal symphony in times of diffusion. Vocal ensemble, orchestra, organ and video art. Commissioned by Gothenburg symphony orchestra. World premiere Gothenburg concert December 2023. (2021)
  • The edge of the wedge – for school orchestra and young singers, Commissioned by Kil culture school´s 60th anniversary. World premiere Kil Arena April 2023
  • Flies on the fly over the terrace double concerto for violin, cello and orchestra. Nora chamber music festival’s commissioned work.. (2018)
  • Marea for soprano, big band and chamber ensemble, SR P2’s commissioned work. Lyrics Karin Klingenstierna (2014)
  • Tungelnatt, suite for alto and orchestra, Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra’s commissioned work, premiered by Kent Nagano with Anna Larsson, alto (2013)
    1. ”Vandraren” lyrics Vilhelm Ekelund
    2. ”Nattyxne” lyrics Erik Axel Karlfeldt
    3. ”Månsken” lyrics Bo Bergman
  • För att skälva for mixed choir and symphony orchestra to lyrics by Bob Hansson (2011)
  • Threads for orchestra, the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra’s commissioned work (2011)
  • evergreen for 19 singers, prepared piano and orchestra, ISCM´’s commissioned work (2009)
  • Il gallo cortonese, sinfonia concertante, Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra’s commissioned work, premiered by Bramwell Tovey (2008)
  • Operatic, The Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra’s commissioned work, premiered by Gustavo Dudamel (2007)
  • The Far Away Shore for orchestra, Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra’s commissioned work, premiered by Tobias Ringborg  (2007)
  • Spindelsymfonin, a vocal symphony for woodwinds, strings and children, Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra’s commissioned work, premiered by Andrew Manze (2007)
  • Junisångfor mixed choir and orchestra. Sveriges Television’s commissioned work, premiered by Stefan Solyom (2006)
  • Sambal dente for 5 surdos and orchestra, the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra’s commissioned work, premiered by Neeme Järvi (2002)
  • Dissonat: freely after some symphonies by Joseph Haydn, Jönköping’s sinfonietta’s commissioned work, premiered by Christopher Warren-Green (2000)
  • Fanfar eller Man ska alltid ropa hej for orchestra with double string section (1998)
  • Tänk om man hade en tidsmaskin for string orchestra of twenty people (1994)
  • Corpus for orchestra (1991–92)
  • Drömmen om A for wind orchestra (1989–90)


Choral Works

  • Ikaros´ fall – mixed choir a capella. Commissioned by Oscars parish, Stockholm. World premiere Oscars Church, Stockholm May 2024
  • Den äng som höljts – mixed choir a capella. Commissioned by the Stockholm Cathedral Congregation. World premiere Stockholm Cathedral March 2024.
  • Vapenlös men starkare än världens makter mixed choir (piano) Commissioned by the Stockholm Cathedral Congregation, for the bishop´s installation. World premiere Stockholm Cathedral December 2023.
  • Som solen och månen – barnkör, saxofonkvartett, piano, Sjungande barns beställningsverk (Like the sun and the moon – children’s choir, saxophone quartet, piano, Singing children’s commissioned work) World premiere Folkoperan Stockholm May 2022.
  • Solspel– Sunplay – 55 bars before dusk) choir a cappella. Commissioned by Erik Westberg vocal ensemble. First performance Piteå fall 2021.
  • Vädret (The weather) – mixed choir, recitation and piano. Lyrics: Tomas Tidholm. Commission from Chalmus Music week. First performance (hopefully) Uddevalla church July 31 2021. (2020)
  • Hjässan är kal– stage work for male amateur choir, professional male song group, trumpet, cello, accordion. Lyrics Lina Ekdahl from an idea by Annica Carlsson-Bergdahl.
    Premiere Åbergs plåt, Tidaholm February 2019, tour in Skaraborg region spring 2019
  • Två psalmer, (Two Hymns): Skönheten (lyrics Dag Lindberg), Högt lyfts bägaren i ljuset(lyrics Bertil Murray) Sthlm diocese’s Church Singing Association’s commissioned work. Premiere Oscar Church, Stockholm 4 February 2017.
  • Äggen är slut– stage work for women’s choir, marimba and percussion (lyrics Lina Ekdahl). Premiere RSK (Röda Sten Art Centre) January 2017, tour In the Region Västra Götaland spring 2017.
  • Let the music flow –choir a cappella, Swedish Radio Choir’s commissioned work, premiered during Rikstinget for art music, Berwaldhallen May 2016.
  • Vidder for vocal ensemble and percussion. Erik Westberg’s vocal ensemble’s commissioned work, lyrics by Nils-Aslak Valkeapää (2015)
    1. ”Hör du livets ljud”
    2. ”Dagfågel nattfågel”
    3. ”Dimma. Varm”
  • Vnd – ett lyriskt vindkraftverkfor 8-part mixed choir a cappella, Gustav Sjökvist’s Chamber Choir’s commissioned work (2014)
  • Som en skatt –evangelical motet for 4-part vocal ensemble, Danderyd parish’s commissioned work (2014)
  • Criança –for mixed choir a cappella to text by the composer in collaboration with the Childhood Foundation. The Swedish Royal Academy for Music’s commissioned work for H.M. Queen Silvia’s 70th birthday (2013)
  • Projektet en skapelseberättelse i 12 delar for choir, youth choir, children’s choir, 6 soloists, flute, horn, bassoon, percussion, string quintet and organ. Stockholm diocese’s church singing association’s commissioned work, premiered by Sonny Jansson, St. Jacob’s Church (2013)
  • Modus terrae for 12 voices and chamber ensemble to text by Karin Klingenstierna. KammarEnsemblens commissioned work, premiered by Fredrik Malmberg, Palladium Malmö (2010)
  • Missa Mariposa, mass for mixed choir and wind orchestra to text by Karin Klingenstierna. Premiered by Jan Yngwe, Domkyrkan i Göteborg (2010)
  • Tending Fields for 12- or 8-part male choir to lyrics by Miss Landmine Survivor. Orphei Drängar’s commissioned work. Premiered by Cecilia Rydinger-Alin (2009)
  • Win Win, wind power cantata for choir, accordion and tenor saxophone, premiered by Paula af Malmborg Ward at Hedbodberget, Rättvik (2009)
  • Blue Jenka for mixed choir and percussion ensemble Premiered by Stefan Parkman, Universitetsaulan Uppsala (2002)
  • Missa praesentis dialectica, mass for 4 solo voices, mixed choir, trumpet and string orchestra (1999) World premiere Uppsala Dome September 2022
    1. Missa praesentis brevis, short version of Missa praesentis dialectica (1999)
    2. Tre satser för damkör och orgel from Missa praesentis dialectica, three excepts arranged for women’s choir and organ (2015)

Chamber Music

  • Procession music to the Order of Royal Majesty – for various wind ensembles. Commissioned by Order of Royal Majesty. World premiere Royal Castle, Stockholm spring 2024
  • In time – fanfare for organ, commissioned by SR P2. World premiere Organ Space, Stockholm September 2023
  • Diabas – a Diabelli variation. Commissioned by pianist Mats Jansson. World premiere Örebro September 2023
  • COOPERANDUM – cello and percussion, commissioned by UmeDuo. World premiere Svensk Musikvår Stockholm March 2023
  • Growing, coming, filling up – soprano sax solo, commissioned work by Anders Paulsson
  • Balladen om Portern (the ballad of the Porter) – third movement in the Porter suite, commissioned by Frontside Gothenburg International Chamber music festival
  • Jubileee fanfare for Gothenburg! – Jerker Johansson and I are honored and happy about the assignment to together create an anniversary fanfare for Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary
  • Sanctus– Transcription for organ, from the trumpet solo in Missa Praesentis Dialectica. (2021)
  • Broken bleak roe and choppy chanterelles– violin/viola, commission for The Hartt School´s 100th anniversary (2021)
  • Buteljernas tid– (Time of the bottles) – 14 porter bottles and out-of-tune-piano, 2nd movement from the Porter suite, commissioned by Frontside Gothenburg International Chamber Music Festival. (2020)
  • Delad ensamhet (Shared solitude) – chamber ensemble, relay composition with members of FST (Society of Swedish Composers)
  • causeries– piano trio, Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra´s commission for Trio Poseidon (2018)
  • Full fathom five (Shakespeare) – soprano and piano. Phoenix Concerts´ commission, first performance in New York City December 2017
  • Desire Encapsulated for saxophone quartet, premiered by the Stockholm Saxophone Quartet, Dark Music Days Reykjavik (2013)
  • Inverted Menuet for Brassfor 2 trumpets, French horn, trombone and tuba (2012)
  • Visa vid floden for baroque ensemble (2011)
  • Two Bows, a Waltz and Something in Betweenfor cello and double bass (2010)
  • Riding Along E7 in the Buick of My Dreamsfor two trumpets, French horn, trombone and tuba (2010)
  • JÅTPÅMF– a ski odyssey in five movements for a breathless soprano (2010)
  • Candyland for electric clarinet and electric violin (2010)
  • Cherry Berry, big band drama in six scenes. Bohuslän Big Band’s commissioned work, premiered by Paula af Malmborg Ward, Vara Konserthus 2008
  • Crooning, jazz song for marimba and vibraphone. Rhythm Art Duo’s commissioned work (2007)
  • Älvsborgshymn for 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, organ and church bells. Älsvborgs parish’s commissioned work (2007)
  • Inte så bara mässingen! for 4 French horns, 2 trumpets, 2 trombones and tuba. Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra’s commissioned work, premiered by Andrew Mantze, Helsingborg Concert Hall (2006)
  • Christmas Calendar Candyfor organ (2005/2013)
  • Tre dikter av Lina Ekdahl(three poems) for soprano and piano (2004)
    1. ”Sjön”
    2. ”Konflikten är löst”
    3. ”Min monolog”
  • Tempele menterafor voice, trombone and percussion. Premiered by Lena Willemark, Niklas Brommare, Karl Frisendahl, Atalante 2004
  • Pas de deuxfor 2 violins. Duo Gelland’s commissioned work (2003)
  • Arktisk svit
    1. I. ”Nunatak 1” for alto flute, clarinet / viola, vibraphone and piano (2000)
    2. II. ”Blott som en stare, drygt” for soprano, flute and piano (2000)
    3. III. ”Nunatak 2 – Sprickan” for soprano, flute, violin, viola, cello, percussion and piano (2012)
  • En drill för Buffalo Billfor flute, violin, cello and piano (1996)
  • Landsvägsmaja for soprano and cello to lyrics by Gustaf Fröding (1995)
  • Den magiska tonen for soprano, violin, cello and piano to text by Ulla-Britt Edberg och the composer (1994)
  • Sov min gossefor brass quintet (1994)
  • To-tanongo-go! for solo flute (1993–94)
  • Yakuzifor saxophone quartet (1992–93)
  • Änglarna gick med håven, 6 pictures for brass ensemble and 4 percussionists (1992)
  • Hochspannung mit Schlagsahnefor 6 marimbas (1990)


Musical Drama

  • Systemet – opera in one act, libretto Naima Chahboun. Commissioned by Man must sing. World premiere January 2024
  • Mytomania– opera in two acts, libretto Kerstin Perski. Commissioned by Gothenburg Opera. World premiere October 2023. (2019)
  • Kärlekskriget (Love War) –opera based on Ebba Witt-Brattström’s novel ”The Love War of the Century”. Vattnäs Konsertlada´s  commissioned work, premiere July 2017
  • Antarktis music for dance performance, Regionteater Väst in collaboration with Bohuslän Big Band. Premiere September 2017 (2016-2017)
  • Sweet Kate D.E.F. version –participating composers since 2014 in Katarina A. Karlsson’s research project; premiere October 6, 2017 Atalante, Gothenburg
  • Dansa min docka– libretto Pernilla Holmgren Larsson, opera in progress (2015-)
  • Prova på för operasugna – an opera vaudeville about shortcomings, community and copyright for 4 singers, string quartet and piano. Premiere festival in Piteå. Conductor: Paula af Malmborg Ward (2014)
  • Dansa min docka –for mezzo-soprano and piano (2013)
  • All This Time, concert musical for solo, choir and accompaniment group. Premiere Helsingborg Concert Hall. Cond.: Hans Ek (2011)
  • Hittekvinnan och Kari, dance performance with choreography by Carl Olof Berg, Kari Sylwan dancer, Dansens Hus (2011)
  • Triumf och tragedi, chamber opera for 3 solos, string quintet, trumpet and percussion with libretto by Daniel Boyacioglu, Premiere Royal Opera. Cond: Andreas Hansson (2011)
  • Smisk på julskinkan, concert musical for music high school class and symphony orchestra. Premiere Helsingborg Concert Hall, cond: Hans Ek, (2009)
  • Vad man måste, short opera in E flat major for mezzo-soprano and percussion with libretto by the composer (2008)
  • Name: Spielrein, Sabina, acting music for Kerstin Perski’s play at Stockholm City Theater (2005)
  • Hittekvinnan, radio opera for six solos and large orchestra, Swedish Radio’s commissioned work, libretto by the composer after Kerstin Thorvall, First price Prix Italia 2006 Cond: Mats Rondin
  • Ärret, opera in two acts for seven musicians and 11 singers with libretto by Kerstin Perski freely after Mikhail Bulgakov. First performance Vadstena juli 2004, cond: David Björkman
  • Vill ni ha ett frostigt päron? – a musical pirouette of love, opera in one act for speaking role, mezzo-soprano, baritone and chamber orchestra with libretto by Magnus Nilsson. First performance Vadstena juli 2002 cond: Olov Boman
  • Ängel, a musical-dramatic local life experience for five singers, marimba, cello and accordion (2002)
  • Operation kärleken, musical drama in one act for two actors, soprano, baritone and symphony with libretto by Kerstin Perski. First performance Jönköping, cond: Joakim Gustafsson (2000)
  • Vaellus, musical dramatic family performance (2000)
  • Bombpartyt, opera in one act for 11 singers and chamber orchestra with libretto by Lars af Malmborg after Graham Greene. First performance Göteborgsoperan, cond: B. Tommy Andersson (1998)
  • Skåpet, musical dramatic family performance 1997)
  • Aida, arrangement for small orchestra of Verdi’s opera, short version for middle school (1995)
  • Maskeradbalen, arrangement for SL’s wind band of Verdi’s opera (1992)
  • Faust – a mass of death over modernity, mini-opera for soloists, choir and percussion (1992)
  • Jordens undergång – a sunshine story, music for science theater (1992)
  • Ur Möss och människor (Fro,: Of Mice and Men), short opera, the final scene from Steinbeck’s play for 8 musicians and 2 singers Premiered at Caféteatern, Södra Teatern. Cond: Hans Ek (1991)
  • Möss och människor, acting music for Steinbeck’s play (1989)
  • Världshistorier, musical theater (1988)
  • Moje, music for the play about Mauritz Stiller (1987)


Film Music

  • Levande föda, music for SVT’s horror series by Lars ”Vasa” Johansson and Maria Hedman Hvitfeldt (2007) Cond: Paula af Malmborg Ward
  • AK3, music for the SVT series directed by Ernst Billgren (2006) Cond: Paula af Malmborg Ward
  • En decemberdröm, music for SVT’s Christmas calendar, direction Tomas Alfredson (2005) Cond: Paula af Malmborg Ward
  • Porträttet, orchestral arrangement for television of Hilding Rosenberg’s opera, directed by Marie Feldtmann (1999) Cond: Martin Andersson