Opera meets Psychiatry: seminar at Jonsereds Herrgård 16/11
Finally: www.dmd.nu
April 2013: I took place on stage with my co-writer Pernilla Holmgren-Larsson and mezzosoprano Monica Danielson in a quite different context: the Swedish Exhibition Centre (Svenska Mässan) in Gothenburg. Pernilla and I wrote a libretto to the opera ”Dance my Doll” some years ago. Just to get started, we presented some themes and some music in an unusual surrounding. Since the subject of the opera has to do with anorexia nervosa, Swedish psychiatry, disability among humans to really meet….and other modern ”western civilisation” phenomenas, we find it natural to take place in Leva&Fungera-exhibition. Read interview here. Storyline: Dansa min docka – operan mitt i samtiden, Libretto Dansa min docka
April 2015: During the creative process with Dance my Doll – the opera, we invite you to a very special evening, dedicated to BRIS – Children´s rights in Society. Opera meets gospel in this unique event concerning grief, love and life. 21/4 Brewhouse.
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