My dear mother Gunilla sings in eternity and will not stop to inspire me in my life and in my work.
My 2nd saxophone quartet Desire encapsulated, dedicated to her and dad, was performed beautifully by Stockholm Saxophone Quartet in Reykjavik 2/2. Unfortunately, time ran out and she never heard it.
Gunilla was a great person in humanity, wisdom and pride and a true artist in heart and soul. I learned so much from her, and she didn´t hesitate to be critical if she discovered that I maybe chose the broad path now and then…but always comforting, relying on your gifts and with a BIG PORTION OF HUMOR.

Listen to her outstanding voice and musical carisma:

Gunilla af M – Isoldes kärleksdöd

Macbeth – Festarian

Macbeth – sömngångararian

Macbeth Vieni t_afretta

Pie Jesu

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