A commission for The Hartt School´s 100th anniversary.

Program note

First: I am honored and happy to be a part of The uncertainty of fate project.

Broken bleak roe and choppy chanterelles is an impression of the year 2020 which for me was 100% OFF/100% ON, with all cancellations and exhausting restarts – only ending up in another big question mark.

All we could do was to ”keep it up” and give it a big laugh if we were fortunate enough to stay healthy.

The piece is based on a song from my production way back called Bleak roe and chanterelles; comparing the taste of delicious food with the taste of ”delicious” love.

A fast latin/funk piece, the lyrics being flirty in a witty way.

I totally broke it up due to the subject mentioned above.

It was a pleasure.

So let´s break a leg.

Info about the festival:

The “Uncertainty of Fate” Festival at the Hartt School commissioned over 45 up and coming and established composers to write chamber works on what 2020 meant to them.  The new works, with recurring themes of isolation, loss,and rage, will be interwoven with existing pieces by Beethoven, Florence Price, George Walker, Clarence Cameron White, Daniel Roumain, and Jeffrey Mumford in 5 streaming concerts from May 1-5. Hartt faculty, guests, students and alumni perform, some with dance and other media, as well as spoken creative writing pieces written by frontline medical workers.  The festival will also have panel discussions such as ”Activating and Agitating Systemic Change in Your Respective Institutions,”   ”Healing and Conflict Resolution through creating art” as well as masterclasses.

Among the composers featured: Errollyn Wallen, Javier Colon, Alexandra Gardner, Juhi Bansal, Ken Steen, Robert Carl, Jonah Sirota, Elena Ruehr, Sarah Gibson, Ethan Wickman, Nathalie Joachim, Paula af Malmborg Ward, Gilda Lyons, and more.



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